Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Lose weight faster than ever!

As per the latest report submitted by WHO, more than 75% of the urban youth is overweight or obese. The report has as well suggested that obesity is attributable to many deadly diseased conditions, such as Diabetes, Ischemic heart diseases, cancer, etc. However, being overweight is always preventable and can be maintained by reducing weight.
Experts have suggested, wide ways to lose weight fast; however, it has always been advisable to upgrade yourself with proper planning to outline reduced appetite, improve overall metabolic health, and in general promoting weight loss without hunger.
Our most comprehensive plan is very simple to promote faster weight loss, it may include:


Complete cut down on sugars and starches:    

Certain foods with carbohydrates, as their main component can significantly stimulate, the production of hormone insulin. Insulin is the key player in glucose metabolism and is an important fat storage hormone in the body. Thus, decreased consumption of sugar or starch can lead to decreased production of insulin; this in turn can lead to easy involvement of stored fat for energy production. With reduced insulin production, kidney also starts shedding excessive sodium and water out of your body, thereby reducing excessive bloating and unusual water weight

Consume proteins, fat and vegetables:

It will always be wise to plan out your daily meal with a low protein source, a low fat source and low carbohydrate vegetables. Construction of your meal accordingly, can definitely reduce overall carbohydrate intake into a recommended range to reduce your weight faster. The importance of consuming lot of proteins can be helpful in boosting your metabolism, reducing unwanted desire of excessive late night eating for a complete satisfaction. You should never be afraid of eating healthy saturated fat, even if you are managing your weight loss program.

Mild to moderate exercise is advisable:

It is always advisable to go for mild to moderate level exercise in order to stay healthy and manage your weight. Regular cardiac exercises can increase the efficiency of your heart, build better stamina and boost up the metabolism. Similarly some of the stretching exercises such as yoga or Pilates can be very helpful in toning up the body and reduce unwanted fat.
Thus, the bottom line is that watching your portion sizes and planning your weakly schedule, with proper combination of diet and exercise can definitely be helpful in weight reduction.

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