Thursday, 6 October 2016

How to lose weight without exercise -

Diabetes is actually a disease which is increasing rapidly in every household worldwide and people are facing the problem in a large number. This disease is eating the health of a patient slowly and its more of a like a slow poison. In the fast moving life there are many things a normal human being can't do and exercise is one of them people with packed schedules of morning to night in office who can work out can't work out they can look for how to reduce weight without exercise simply reduce weight by no to add intake of starch in their diet like not to eat potatoes and rice less intake of oil-rich food can absolutely help. Juice of vegetables like bitter guard cucumber and tomatoes by adding them in diet one can lose weight.

                        lose weight

Other proportion of the population want to lose weight without going to the gym and for that who leading a different life they can drink water that would detoxify the body fat and the for that you have to add ginger mint and lemon in the water you are suppose to cut the lime in half put the container in the fridge store it and use it .  For no gym goers walking is a big help it would help to digest the food and would increase digesting power and the body will eventually start getting toned. Large amount of potassium intake like broccoli should be there in the diet and lots of protein like milk, egg, meat green vegetables they are going boost the immunity as well as the strength they are actually a boon for the diabetic patient.

Best Ayurveda diabetes and sugar remedy would be and for that the history of Ayurveda is helping us for the last 5000 years the guru Ramdev has come up with all solutions like the best is yoga it has its components like exercise many other things derived from yoga and the because of his products many people are leading a normal life these are the steps. West has also some sort of solutions like aerobics, then some exercise like cycling in bed. Anyone can follow all the steps and can make life diabetes free.